Registration Forms & Procedures

Spring Registration 2015

Spring registration will open on February 1, 2015.


Registration fees per member for new or transfer is $14.00.  This includes coaches and players.


Transfers within clubs/communities from team to team is club carding.  There is no fee.


If the player did not register online just like fall, you must send me AASL registration form and a signed proof of birth/residency form before I will approve them.  The player's birth certificate and photo must be uploaded on the Affinity website.  You can send the forms via email, regular mail or drop in the box on my porch.


Fees must also be prepaid for processing/approval of ALL registrations.  Make checks payable to AASL.


Thank you.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Tina Marianut

1215 Old Eagle Dr.

Brunswick, Ohio 44212


Risk Managment

Risk Management (formally KidSafe) must be submitted online to A link to the form is listed in the Registration Forms section.


You must specify AASL as one of your leagues.

After completing the form you will receive an Online Registration Confirmation for Risk Management, which includes League(s), Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Date of Birth, Expiration Date and ID #.

Coach License Requirements

ALL head coaches and ALL assistant coaches are required to have a coaching license to be rostered as a coach in the AASL. There is a one calendar year grace period to obtain a license. By the second year of coaching, a coach MUST have a license or he/she will not be placed on the roster.